​The 10 Commandments of Online Outreach

Break them, and the wrath of the internet gods will destroy thee.


When it comes to online marketing, one of the most difficult parts of the profession is conducting great outreach. Finding new clients, impressing them, and continuing to maintain a solid reputation are all important aspects of a strong process, especially for SEO marketing. To get started in the right direction, here are ten tips on how to do better outreach.

1. Find New Sites

At first, you need to play the game of numbers and odds. The more new sites and business that you can find, the more potential partners and clients you will have. Use search engines to find sites that use certain industry keywords relevant to your target market. Tools like Buzzsumo, Group High and more will help you find blogs in your niche. Then you can use an email scraper to get the contact info. 

My favorite is to simply use power searching with a KW. For example I have been working on  www.thefront.com.au and I had great luck simply googling : intitle:guest post "photography" or inurl:write for us "photographer" this will search google for websites related to photography and have a page about guest posts, meaning chances are, I will be able to post on their blog if I have good content.

2. Filter Sites By Quality

Once you've find a handful of sites that strike your interest, it's time to filter them for quality. Be sure to read through their company information and take note of the look and feel of their website. What is their DA? User engagement? How often do they post? Is the quality good or spammy? Remember not all links are created equal.

3. Find Additional Contact Info

Sometimes, the most important member of the company is not listed publicly on their site. In this case, you will want to be creative in your search for info by using sites such as LinkedIn or Manta. Check social profiles and even consider reaching out socially as opposed to email. Sometimes your response rate is better on social networks over email. This will probably depend on industry. I have been working on a local utah breast implant site for a client. I have found that fashion blogs and women's health blogs almost always respond and engage better on social media. Tweeting influencers and Instagram commenting has been wildly effective. However, when seeking opportunities in the medical field, naturally only email has been working.

Simply put, only email blasting a template wont work, which brings me to my next point...

4. Create a Great Email Template

When you have selected your sites to outreach, create a compelling, professional email that can be sent to more than one company. Be sure to mention how you can help them, and why they should work with you specifically. For initial emails, be sure to keep it concise and engaging with an intriguing headline.

Make templates for different situations and different sites. I have different templates based on social media sites and industries which are always being tested whilst I work. Outreach isn't fun and we want to squeeze every drop of progress from each minute we spend doing it. Every client is a case study to help you sharpen your saw.

5. Maintain Social Media Accounts

When conducting outreach, you will want to stay active in social media with promotions and content sharing. More and more companies are referencing the social web to assess the viability of partnerships.

6. Continue to Build Relationships

Your job isn't finished once you've agreed on a deal with a new business or person. In order to continue working with them in the future, you need to connect with them about their interests and strengthen the relationship.

7. Create a Case Study

When reaching out, it's always best to have proof to provide the other site in order to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. If you haven't been creating case studies about your own success, start with a small victory and write an analysis it.

8. Track Your Results

If you go through the work of getting new outreach partners, make sure you are tracking your success with predefined metrics. Know the percentage of conversions from initial prospect, to email prospect, to client, to repeat client. This helps you pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your process.

9. Ask For Referrals

Quite simply, people trust businesses if they have worked with someone that they already know. By asking for a referral, you are increasing your chances of gaining new customers.

10. Follow Up

After you work with new partners, don't forget about them. Your efforts will go farther if you make sure to follow up and thank them for their business. In addition, they will be more likely to refer you in future, which means more business and thus more money for your company.

With the internet changing at rapid speeds, the methods to achieve a successful outreach campaign are becoming more sophisticated. If you work with marketing, internet business, SEO or any technology driven business, your ability to continue to find new sites and companies to work with is crucial to your success. By attracting and ultimately impressing new clients and partners with an effective outreach program, you can enjoy a strong list of advocates and an even stronger bottom line.


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