Taking A Closer Look At Seasonal Marketing

Why adjusting your marketing efforts can bring your brand to the fore


As we move into the new year, some marketers are already preparing for Christmas 2017. They know their customers have a completely different mindset at that time of year, a mindset that is filled with fizzy drinks, fairy lights, festive songs, and family. Therefore, brands have to alter their content and message to ensure it speaks to this very mindset. 

This shift in adjusting your marketing strategy, to align with different holidays in order to capitalize on the customer, is basically defined as seasonal marketing, and is something that can benefit any company. Even if you don’t offer anything that can be wrapped up in a bow, you can still take advantage of the different holiday seasons.

These seasonal holidays cause major changes in consumer behavior throughout the year, and marketing tactics have to be adjusted by businesses in order to remain competitive.

While Cyber Monday and Black Friday are now ingrained holiday events, they are usually only considered important for retail businesses. However, it is not just the retail industry that can enjoy the benefits of seasonal marketing.

Companies can tap into the holiday psyche of their customers by also offering the right content. After all, seasonal marketing is not just about specials and sales, the right content in front of your customer is also providing them real brand value, a crucial ingredient in achieving business success.

Here are some basic tips that can help any business take advantage of the huge benefits, that seasonal marketing has to offer:

Start early in your seasonal marketing efforts

One of the best ways of breaking through all the noise is to start preparations and marketing before your competition does. When you launch a seasonal campaign ahead of your competitors, there is a greater chance of your message reaching your target audience, instead of just getting lost in the sea of every other seasonal message.

Promote adjusted content regularly

Even though some holidays don’t last more than a day, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, there is still a build up and expectation to these commercial days. You can take advantage of the weeks or even months before even one of these one day holidays, to ensure that your content message is visible to future and regular customers.

Never lose consistency

It is essential for any business to be consistent in any marketing, seasonal or not, and regardless of whether the product is new or not. Customers are not only accustomed to seasonal product promotions but actively wait for a potential holiday bargain, and it is crucial that you satisfy their expectations and keep eyeballs on your brand.

Never lose sight of the power of seasonal marketing.

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