Tackling The Culture Problem

How can companies successfully implement an innovation culture?


A company's culture dictates how they interact with the marketplace and how their employees contribute to their outputs. The issue for many companies is that their cultures have slowly become out of date and unable to deal with the pressures of today's economic environment. This has led many commentators to suggest that a process of disruption, or change management, must ensue to guarantee that their workforce is adaptable and able to come up with innovations to shape their future.

Cultivating an innovative environment is too often seen as a one off project, one which has deadlines and almost something that's just an extension of the Research and Development department's duties. The truth is that for companies serious about having an 'Innovation Culture' there shouldn't be an Innovation Department, instead the concept should be engrained within every workers daily routine. This makes innovation a constant and allows every department to move forward together in the most innovative way possible.

With innovation encouraged across the board, the process of innovation will be accelerated, essential if your ideas are going to come across as being original. This is because departments will be synced and able to benefit from one another. With a coherent idea at the centre of a company's innovation efforts, departments can work together more easily, in turn creating a more innovative environment.

Longstanding companies will increasingly find themselves confronted with the challenge of implementing an innovation culture. There has to be an emphasis on speed and agility with individual department's sharing the responsibility of innovation. Although in the early stages of innovation there's a tendency to construct an 'innovation department' an emphasis should be on making innovation ubiquitous across the organisation. If this is in place it should put the company in the best possible place to innovate effectively going forward. 


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