T-Mobile signs $3.5bn 5G deal with Ericsson

T-Mobile has reached a multiyear agreement with Ericsson in an effort to bring its 5G deployment goals to fruition


Wireless provider T-Mobile has signed a multiyear, $3.5bn contract with Swedish telecom company Ericsson to support T-Mobile's rollout of its 5G network across the US. The US's third largest telecommunications company intends to leverage Ericsson's latest 5G New Radio (NR) hardware and 3GPP standards-compliant software to supercharge its 5G deployment goals.

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The contract also included access to a number of Ericsson's digital service solutions such as dynamic orchestration, business support systems (BSS) and Ericsson Cloud Core. These are all intended to help T-Mobile bridge the gap between its current nationwide LTE Advanced network to a functioning 5G network faster than any of its competitors.

This is the second deal worth $3.5bn that T-Mobile has made this year. In July 2018, T-Mobile signed a deal Nokia which also revolved around access to 5G NR technologies. T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray said in a statement at the time that the company was, "all-in on 5G" even going as to say every dollar T-Mobile spends is a "5G dollar".

It would appear T-Mobile has kept its word with this latest contract and is committed to being as ready as possible in time for 2019 when 5G networks will be permitted to go live.

Following this most recent deal, Ray said, "While the other guys just make promises, we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

"With this new Ericsson agreement, we're laying the groundwork for 5G – and with Sprint we can supercharge the 5G revolution."

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