'Strong Data Management And Data Governance Strategies Are Key To Deriving Full Benefits Of External Data'

Interview with Vishal Singh, Country Head of BI & Data Analytics at Moët Hennessy USA


Vishal currently heads Business Intelligence and Data Analytics for Moet Hennessy USA, which is part of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH group). He is a Business Intelligence, Digital Strategy, and Data Analytics leader with over 17 years of global experience focused on defining strategic direction for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions architecture and business expansion for organizations. He has led teams (onsite, offshore and near-shore) in implementing end to end Business Intelligence, MDM and Analytics solutions across several Fortune 100 clients by embracing current technology trends, such as Big Data and cloud computing.

We sat down with him ahead of his presentation at the Business Intelligence Innovation Summit, taking place in Chicago this November 29-30.

How did you get started in Business Intelligence?

After gaining my MBA in Information systems in 1999, I was picked up by a British Consulting major ‘Xansa Plc’ through campus placement. They needed techno-MBAs within the company to join their Business Intelligence practice, they asked me and I happily agreed. It was one of the best decisions of my life. With my MBA background, a close working relationship with the Business came naturally to me and it helped me grow the BI practice. I was one of the stars and within a year I was prominently featured in the company magazine as one of their upcoming star performers.

With self-service analytics tools now commonplace, what do you feel is the future for Business Intelligence as we know it?

BI has never been as relevant as it is in today’s market place, where the margins are tight, the global competition is stiff, and resource costs are rising in general. To stay competitive in this scenario, you need actionable insights, you also need an alerting mechanism to point you to areas of the business which need your urgent attention besides the self-service tools which assist the business with their data discovery. Organizations must position themselves and enable BI to mature, propagate, and partner with the business in order to succeed. Organizations which elevate their BI offerings from just historic reporting to forward looking predictive and prescriptive analytics have a brighter future for their BI practice and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Do you think companies focus enough on external data when it comes to Business Intelligence?

Most companies today have some way to go before they can comprehensively leverage external data. Today most companies focus on external data in silos, leading to a strategy disconnect. Strong data management and data governance strategies are key to deriving full benefits of external data. Most organizations have multiple Siloed sources of data, vendor driven portals which have market intelligence and competitive insights, and internal systems have internal data. Unless organizations have full control on the data, having a holistic view of the business is not possible. In today’s fast changing business landscape where vendors and technologies keep changing, organizations would greatly benefit if they were to elevate the capabilities of their internal teams to manage their data, both internal and external.

What new technologies and tools do you feel are set to have the most impact on your role in the near future?

Open source technologies in the data sciences space will play a significant role in the ever increasing role and relevance of BI for the business. The push is not only to inform the business on ‘how we are doing?' or ‘why we are where we are,’ business is now looking up to BI to partner with them on how the future looks like for the company and if there are any corrective measures or options they could be presented with.

What will you be discussing in your presentation?

As businesses evolve in this fast faced global economy, they need tools and technologies to make better and informed decisions, they need to be presented with options on the future state. BI needs to partner with the business and help shape and support strategy. Business Intelligence needs to evolve into trusted partner and advisor to the business. My talk focusses on how organizations can elevate their BI offerings. There are steps an organization needs to take to move in that direction, my presentation helps get some insights into that. Please join me on November 30th for my full presentation and follow up discussions on my thoughts on the topic and how we are putting this into place at Moet Hennessy. I look forward to seeing you there.

You can hear from Vishal, along with other experts in data analytics, at the Business Intelligence Innovation Summit. View the full agenda here.

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