Stratacache sets up shop in Singapore

Digital signage solutions firm which owns multimedia software company Scala to open new regional headquarters in Singapore


Stratacache, a US-based digital signage solutions firm, has announced it will open a new regional headquarters in Singapore as the company looks to centralize its Asia–Pacific operations.

The company will open a 3,100 square foot office in the Lion City which will provide a centralized location for the operations of its family of marketing technology companies and will provide support to sales, marketing, development, services and customer support teams in a region in which it has been looking to continue expanding.

Chris Riegel, CEO of Stratacache, said: "By moving the regional center of gravity to Singapore, we are streamlining operations and ensuring we're better serving our customers."

Stratacache, whose software and services enable retailers to learn about their customers' shopping preferences and behaviors, has received more than two million software activations globally, while the company itself has a number of subsidiaries including Scala.

Stratacache managing director and SVP of Asia-Pacific operations Manish Kumar will oversee the Singapore office, as the company looks to continue building staff numbers and support corporate growth globally. The office will oversee the acquisition and rebranding of intelligent computing and tablet device company, Scala China, with Scala currently being the lead brand for the Stratacache family of companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

"Scala has built significant brand recognition as the flagship digital signage platform in the region, and there is significant potential for further growth in 2019," Riegel noted. "By providing our clients in Asia-Pacific with intelligent marketing technology solutions found across the Stratacache family.

"The Stratacache family of companies globally had a very profitable 2017–18. Manish Kumar and team have orchestrated a tremendous turnaround in India and throughout Asia-Pacific, starting with services and solutions to the Scala client base," he added. 

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