What Startups Should Know About PR Firms

Are PR Firms a worthy investment for startups?


Taking advantage of the marketing tools and promotional services that only a professional PR firm is able to offer can do much more than simply allow businesses to attract the attention of a greater number of customers and clients.

Building brand awareness and implementing a PR campaign in line with plans for future growth and expansion benefits several aspects of business operation that often escape notice. From social media marketing and SEO efforts, PR firms and marketing professionals are adepts at earning natural backlinks.

Improving Brand Image and Recognition Benefits Recruiting

Building a better business can be all but impossible for companies and organizations that are unable to attract the quality professionals needed to create a superior staff. PR firms that can help businesses create and maintain the right corporate image can be instrumental in the effort to attract employees who have the drive, vision and ambition that will be of greatest benefit to their employers.

In other words, brainstorming, launching, promoting and improving branding campaigns is often too much to handle for a startup. Even if the startup has the money, hiring people with expertise is a hassle of its own, and then managing them is another one. Often, time saved is worth the cost of outsourcing to a PR firm alone. Let alone when the campaigns contribute ultimately to the bottom line.

An example is Glasses.com just launched their #getglassesref campaign. A marketing and pr company (who must remain undisclosed) spearheaded and executed the entire campaign from start to finish. The campaign doesn't directly tie into their product or service, but the landing page for the campaign internally links to their Oakley Sunglasses page. This works two fold. Glasses didn't have to spend time or energy on the campaign allowing them to focus on product and their website. The PR company, because of the internal link can increase brand awareness which is very hard to track, but also track traffic with the internal links allowing them to gauge the value of the campaign even closer.

If glasses.com were to have done the campaign in-house it would  have been more expensive and probably less effective. Unless you have  long term game plan to build and develop an internal marketing team , outsourcing to an agency is more cost effective.

Effective Promotional Efforts Boost Moral With Existing Staff

No one wants to be part of a loosing team and poor morale may find even the most dedicated employees unable to achieve their full potential. The same marketing efforts needed to establish an successful image and to create new business opportunities can often benefit workplace morale.

Just like large corporations, startup's image matters, and ensuring that employees are proud to be working for a company that is can provide them with a brighter and more successful future can improve retention and help to ensure that businesses are able to make the most of their existing staff and talent.

In other words, fake it till you make it. PR are companies are really good at faking it.

Acquisition of New Customers and the Creation of New Business Opportunities

Attempting to implement any development plan or growth strategy without being able to acquire the robust customer and client base needed to support future enterprises is an effort that is almost always doomed from the start.

PR firms play a key role in any expansion effort. From new startups to established businesses seeking to venture into new markets, being able to attract the customers, clients and business opportunities that are essential for future growth is one concern that businesses cannot afford to leave to chance.

Allot of time PR firms are going to want to work with a clients blog. Most small businesses will tag team content letting the PR firm do the heavy lifting and the client filling in the gaps.

Public Relations and Marketing Services Can Influence Future Growth

Marketing professionals and firms that are able to adjust their efforts in order to better benefit the needs of a growing business are an invaluable resource. Expanding too quickly or lacking the media attention needed to fully capitalize on past growth can result in a business development effort that is less than successful.

PR firms that can provide assistance and quality marketing during every step of the process can help to ensure that the messaging to potential customers flawlessly.

A big tool PR companies are going to leverage is your social media. This is a relatively new field and allot of people still wonder if its even worth the hassle.

Superior Services Produce Superior Results

Lacking the right image or failing to attract new business opportunities or maintain existing customer relationships can be disastrous. PR firms that employ the latest tools and online resources are a critical resource for businesses seeking to improve brand recognition, attract and maintain the best staff or expand their operation in order to enjoy greater profitability. Working with the right marketing firm or public relations service provides businesses with access to the full range of services and solutions that may be needed in order to ensure greater success.

Simply having a vision of success is often not enough to achieve it. The superior marketing and promotional services that only the best PR firms can be an essential resource for businesses seeking to remain competitive and successful in today's marketplace.


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