Starschema and PATH partner in fight against malaria in Africa

Big data firm Starschema and global organization PATH develops new system to enhance data-driven lifesaving decision-making


Big data company Starschema has teamed up with global health organization PATH to launch a software integration system that helps health workers make data-informed, life-saving decisions via data visualizations within a country's existing health management information system.

According to Starschema, the new system will be introduced in Zambia, Senegal, and Ethiopia to monitor malaria. Starschema stated that the use of innovative data has resulted to an 85% decrease in malaria cases in Zambia's Southern Province between 2014–17.

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Starschema CEO Tamas Foldi said that the system would aim to enable "professionals to use a single platform for tracking the spread of diseases, for tackling the challenge of analyzing data sets which can easily contain millions of records, for discovering emerging disease patterns, and for determining the critical regions where prevention or immediate action is necessary".

"We provided the coding, analytical and technical expertise necessary to help realize this goal," Foldi commented.

The new system leverages existing data tools for data visualizations, created from the World Health Organization's data in Tableau within the District Health Information System (DHIS2), an open-source health management data platform.

PATH data visualization specialist Jonathan Drummey commented: "The key to eliminating malaria lies not just in the tools, but how they're employed. This integration of applications simplifies the demanding jobs of health workers whose work is challenging but critical to making progress against disease."

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