Speaker Snapshot: Zeyu Chen, Senior Analyst at Tumblr Product Analytics

We talk to Zeyu ahead of his talk at #PAChicago


Zeyu Chen is currently the Senior Analyst at Tumblr Product Analytics, having graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with Masters degree in Information Systems Management. His vast Data Science knowledge and Data analytics skills have seen him take on a number of projects, drawing insights from enormous data sets to drive critical business decision-making, growth strategies and product development.

How did you get started in analytics?

I started my career as an data engineer building ETL pipelines and jobs. Then I got really interested in not only moving data around but also actually mining the data. Then I made the transition from the engineering perspective of data to the analytical side.

Are there any recent innovations in the analytics community that you see as a ‘game changer’?

I think Spark will be a game changer to deal large data with speed.

What are the unique challenges facing you in your current role that you are looking to solve with analytics?

Our challenge is how to support the increasing analytics needs with a small team (8 people). We are building automations, slack bots, tools that can help people do their own analytics so we can focus on more data science and deep dive studies that driving the insights for product development.

What will you be discussing in your presentation?

Tumblr has built a lot of great products based on great design intuitions and it also accumulates a lot of product visions from what it did the best. Analytics and data science, however, also brings a lot of great insights from very different perspectives. My presentation is about how to combine these insights from what you known and what you learned and make better data informed decisions.

You can hear more from Zeyu at the Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit in Chicago, taking place between November 11–12. 

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