Speaker Snapshot: "Organizations Need To Double Down On Their Investment In Mobile"

We spoke to Brendan Wright, Senior Product Leader at Ticketfly


Ahead of his presentation at the Mobile Innovation Summit in San Francisco on December 4 & 5, we spoke to Brendan Wright, Senior Product Leader at Ticketfly.

Brendan is a senior product leader with a background in delivering award winning, high business impact, consumer mobile products to millions of users at global scale.

Brendan spent 7 years at Walmart Labs as Director of International Mobile Products, where he created numerous innovative, award winning mobile apps and mobile R&D efforts in the retail space.

Most recently, Brendan moved to Ticketfly and the live events industry to lead consumer experiences as Director of Product and can often be found pondering about what’s next in the world of mobile technology!

What do you see as the biggest mobile innovation challenges facing organizations in 2018?

In a world where more and more services are increasingly available via mobile, I think one of the key challenges in 2018 will be how organizations keep up with consumer expectations. It's not just about being able to transact via mobile, but also how you offer customer service options, marketing activity and other opportunities to interact with your brand via mobile. I believe the organizations who truly understand that "mobile first" applies to their organization as a whole will be those who succeed.

What are the key elements of a successful mobile innovation strategy?

Focusing on user problems, rather than technology. There is so much innovation happening in the mobile space right now, it's easy to get carried away with the next big thing. In order to have a successful strategy, you must first understand the pain points of your users and market, then look at how the various mobile technologies can help to resolve and/or remove friction from those pain points.

Secondly, building the right team to support mobile innovation. I still see many companies having a couple of iOS and Android engineers and a Product Manager and that is their mobile team, yet most of their business is conducted via mobile. Organizations need to double down on their investment in mobile and also need to work out what's the best organizational model for them. In some organizations it makes sense to have a dedicated mobile group, in others, it would be wiser to invest in integrating mobile thinking in the rest of the organization, particularly as mobile growth continues.

How has the use of digital and data technologies impacted the mobile innovation process?

We've all heard about the promise of "Big Data", but I think many organizations struggle to understand how to utilize all of this data in a way that is valuable for their customers. I think that mobile as a platform allows us to collect more data than ever before and more importantly, allows organizations to start utilizing this vast amount of data in valuable ways via real-time mobile experiences.

Overall, I believe data technologies combined with mobile technologies will start to open up many new opportunities for organizations to better understand and interact with their customers.

Is there such a thing as being ready for disruption and what can incumbents do to avoid it?

I think that being ready for disruption is all about having a solid long-term vision and strategy that isn't easily duplicated by your competitors. Great companies are constantly looking ahead, constantly listening to their users and looking for opportunities to drive growth by introducing new products, services, features and business models to new markets. The biggest challenge for incumbents is being able to balance between the day to day operations of their existing business, whilst also focusing on the longer-term strategy. It's essential to find this balance.

What can our audience expect to take away from your presentation?

I hope that I can leave the audience with some thoughts on how to think about mobile innovation across their whole business and how to think through which customer interactions make sense to focus on for their organizations.

You can catch Brendan's presentation at the Mobile Innovation Summit in San Francisco on December 4 & 5

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