Speaker Snapshot: Mariely Rodriguez, Director of Digital Targeting Capabilities & Analytics, American Express

We spoke to Mariely ahead of her talk at #DataSocial in Miami


In our latest 'speaker snapshot', we hear from Mariely Rodriguez, Director of Digital Targeting Capabilities & Analytics at American Express.

How did you get started in data science?

I’d been working in the digital marketing analytics field for a long time when I joined the Digital Acquisition Risk Management team at American Express. This team partnered very closely with the Decision Science team to work on developing response models to targeting prospects with personalized content. As part of the team, I was able to learn these modeling techniques while applying my programming and analytical background to tasks that lent themselves very easily to data science techniques.

Are there any recent innovations in the data science community that you see as a ‘game changer’?

In my opinion, new tools that are being developed atop big data environments with clear UIs that are easy to use by all analysts (even those without a programming/big data/data science background) will change our analytical landscape drastically. These tools will enable even more analysts to become acclimated with data science without the hesitation or stigma of lacking programming skills. It will result in more efficient project completion which will ultimately lead to greater success across the field.

What are the unique challenges facing you in your current role that you are looking to solve with data science?

Data science has been a great tool in the personalization space, but there is still so much we don’t know in the digital space, which is constantly evolving. The primary challenge digital marketers face is the inability to say “this cookie is person A” with 100% certainty. Using data science techniques, modeling behavior, predicting preferences and actions, etc will help tackle much of this challenge.

What will you be discussing in your presentation?

In my presentation, I will be discussing high-level tips for creating a site personalization strategy by using data science tools (in particular, recommender and look alike models) in conjunction with strong analytics and business acumen. I will pull examples from an American Express case study in which we personalized the content being displayed to prospects on our website.

You can hear more from Mariely on September 24-25 at the Social & Digital Analytics Innovation summit in Miami. For more information click here.


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