Speaker Snapshot: Lee Kizer, Senior Manager, Digital Analytics, The Weather Channel

Lee Kizer gives us a few thoughts on data science ahead of his talk at #DataSocial in Miami


In our latest 'speaker snapshot', we hear from Lee Kizer, Senior Manager of Digital Analytics at The Weather Channel.

How did you get started in data science?

I started in web development and moved into analytics asking, 'What worked? What didn't work? How can this be better?'. My experience in knowing how to capture the data gave me confidence in answering the questions.

Are there any recent innovations in the data science community that you see as a ‘game changer’?

I see real time alerts across platforms from wearables to mobile to desktop as a way to keep people engaged with a continuous story from your product.

What are the unique challenges facing you in your current role that you are looking to solve with data science?

Different teams have different goals and strategies. It can be challenging translating insights to each group in a way that will turn them into priorities.

What will you be discussing in your presentation?

I'll discuss the the attrition and retention rate of the TWC smartphone app compared to the industry average. By looking into how a "Newbie" (first time launch) engages with specific events the apps, we can determine that certain events will increase the Newbie’s retention rate.

You can hear more from Mariely on September 24-25 at the Social & Digital Analytics Innovation summit in Miami. For more information click here.


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