Speaker Snapshot: 'Customers Want Usable Information'

We spoke to Claire Fennessey, Vice President of Retention and Customer Engagement at HomeServe USA


Ahead of her presentation at the Content Marketing Summit in New York on December 11 & 12, we spoke to Claire Fennessey, Vice President of Retention and Customer Engagement at HomeServe USA

Claire is an experienced, results-oriented senior business leader with demonstrated consumer and business-to-business marketing, sales, P&L management, and product development/management skills.

How has the perception of content marketing changed in the past 5 years?

Content has become more important. It used to be you were ecommerce or content but the lines have blurred greatly. Content needs to be consumable by customers and it needs to relate to the business they have with you. Customers want to know how to use your products or services, see other customers using – sites like Goop are a blend of content and sales.

With the amount of content around today, what do companies need to do to stand out?

Customers want usable information and stories of other customers they can relate to. Content can’t just be for content’s sake. It needs to be new and fresh as well.

What is the single biggest mistake that companies make when implementing a content marketing strategy?

Putting a bunch of articles or other content on your site to try and generate SEO doesn’t work unless the content ties closely to your business and is useful to your customer base.

What can the audience expect to take away from your presentation in New York?

I think I’m on a panel and I am happy to share how HomeServe uses content to develop relationships with customers and to become a source of important information rather than just a seller of services. For instance, we tie in closely content about electrical wiring in your home and the dangers of problems with it to selling a service plan to cover what might come up. Another example would be our HomeServe Biannual State of the Home Survey about the lack of money US homeowners have to spend in case of an emergency repair like a burst pipe or broken refrigerator.

You can catch Claire's presentation at the Content Marketing Summit in New York on December 11 & 12

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