Speaker Snapshot: Alex Tarrand, Senior Manager Of Live Operations at Mobilityware Games

We spoke to Alex ahead of his presentation at #GamingData17


Alex Tarrand is the Sr. Manager of Live Operations at Mobilityware Games. Alex has a wealth of product leadership experience, having previously held roles at The National Football League, Disney Interactive, Microsoft Xbox, and Electronic Arts. We sat down with him ahead of his presentation at the Gaming Analytics Summit. 

How did you get started in analytics?

At Disney, doing advertising on some of their first mobile apps. I learned a lot about Hannah Montana and how advertising waterfall optimization works.

Are there any recent innovations in the gaming industry that you see as a game changer for analytics professionals?

The ubiquity of free analytics and automated marketing tools. There are several free tools mobile companies can leverage (Ad Colony’s Yvolver offering, Tapjoy’s churn model) that allow even small startups to get granular with their metrics and take action based on telemetry.

What are the unique challenges facing you in your current role that you are looking to solve with analytics?

The biggest is player churn. Identifying where players are leaving, why they are leaving, and how we can keep them is critical to maintaining a healthy DAU.

What will you be discussing in your presentation?

How to leverage data to optimize your IAP store experience. Segmenting user data can make you more money!

You can hear more from Alex at the Gaming Analytics Summit, taking place in San Francisco this April 26-27.

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