Speaker Profile: Linda Peiczarka, Director Of Financial Planning, Analysis & Reporting At The Hanover Insurance Group

We sit down with Linda ahead of the CFO Rising Midwest Summit


Linda Peiczarka is Director of Financial Planning, Analysis & Reporting at The Hanover Insurance Group. We sat down with her ahead of her presentation at the upcoming CFO Rising Midwest summit, which takes place in Chicago this September 7th.

How did you get started in your career?

You may be surprised to learn that I didn’t grow up with a longing to be a Finance Director at a large insurance company. Approaching college graduation, I did on-campus interviewing. When I found out that the banking position I was interested in required relocation, I applied at MetLife for an underwriting position (not knowing what an underwriter did). I didn’t get the underwriter position, and the recruiter suggested that I apply for a Strategic Planning position. The rest is history…

How is the role of the CFO changing?

It wasn’t long ago that Finance was a critical player in providing information. Through technology, information is readily accessible without a Finance person involved. In addition to the traditional functions, CFOs today need to lead global, tech-savvy teams that function as business partners, clearly communicating financial insight to operational leadership.

What impact do you see AI having on the finance function?

It’s already impacting so many areas, and we’ve only just begun.

What technologies do you think will have an impact on the finance function in the future?

All of them, including those not in existence today.

What advice would you have for young people looking to get into a finance career?

Start with a solid Finance education, supplemented with technology and communication training. Make your own career rotational program and move around within your current firm and at other companies. Follow your heart and have fun.

What will you be discussing in your presentation?

I will be sharing my experiences in FP&A, including our Hyperion Planning System implementation for internal P&L reporting, expense reporting and planning.  

You can hear from other industry leading finance leaders like Linda at the CFO Rising Midwest Summit. View the agenda here.


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