Social Profiles In The Hiring Process: Does Your Profile Play A Role?

The influence of social networks on recruiting industry


We all are our own brands and we advertise these brands in some way. When it comes to the job search - we include in our CV`s all the best things we want a future employer to see in us: our education and job experience, skills and knowledge, and our most positive features. But for those hiring, is it sufficient to proceed the communication with a potential employee judging only by their CV?

According to a CareerBuilder survey within 2,303 recruiters, 37% of employers admit screening their potential candidates with the help of social network profiles. The main reasons are to see if the person can present oneself professionally, to know if the candidate is a good fit for the company culture, and find out more about their interests. One`s social media profile often exposes whether somebody is adequate and tolerable, literate and competent, open-minded and communicative.

As an employer, could social monitoring really help in finding the right person and help you with the choice? Personally, I think that it depends on the job requirements. If you need a person that will work well with others (for example a project or sales manager) it would be useful to see how communicative and presentable the person is on social, but when it comes to more strict technical professions, like offshore or IP operations engineer, it doesn`t really matter if the person posts little kittens or brutal quotes.

As for my short experience in recruiting, when I was helping my former boss to choose developers for our growing team, I did look at their social profiles and wanted to know whether they would fit for the company culture and get along with the team. Of course, it wasn`t the main criteria as the position was technical, but it could play a determining role if there were a few candidates closely matched for skills and experience.

It all sounds good, but does social screening violate our personal privacy and freedom of speech in any way? I don`t think so. Social networks exist for communication and interaction. You`re the boss of your account and get to decide what type of content you want to post. So if your thoughts are rather radical, discriminatory, or abusive you should choose whether to share them or not with the understanding of possible consequences.

Will seeing your profile decrease your chances of getting the position? I doubt that. I`ve seen a lot of good and interesting profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and I think that often your profile will only give you the advantage of getting the job. Of course, it depends as the profiles sometimes can be really weird, but in most cases you have nothing to worry about. Remember that the more ideas you post and share the better it is for you as you bring something new to your network.

I do think that screening social media profiles in the recruiting process shows more good than bad despite its pros and cons. But if you choose to post something on a social network it is posted for seeing! And seen it will be. 


Image is by Damian Zaleski on Unsplash.


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