Social Media Is Our Rocket Fuel

While Elon Musk is taking people to Mars in his rocket, social media is currently doing the same for us


Working as recruiters in the Big Data & Data Science industry, we understand that data is useless unless people know about it and how to interpret it. Terabytes of gold dust are no good if they are hidden away in a Hadoop stack somewhere. If data could talk, the noise would be deafening:

'Find me, analyze me, use me…'

Being found is the first step, having something useful to contribute is the second step and having a real-world application is the ultimate goal. Actually, you could very easily use this comparison in social media marketing – like it or not, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and others are only going to grow in popularity, and if you are not an active and useful participant, you are just like all those Terabytes of underutilized data. According to We Are Social’s recent report, there are 2.3 billion active social media, and this is growing…

'Find me, understand me, work with me…'

The thing is that social media is full of noise exactly like this. Inane maths puzzles, provocative pictures, and regurgitated quotes may help people to find you, but they won’t help them understand you, nor will they tempt them to work with you. Nope, to see a return on your social media activity, you have to forget about your needs and think about your audience. What are they interested in?

I’m proud to say that we have created a successful social media strategy at Big Cloud. We are active within industry forums, we write blogs on LinkedIn and on our website, we are growing our Facebook presence, and we engage with industry influencers (and sometimes even as industry influencers) on Twitter, although I much prefer the role of the inquisitive learner than the know-it-all teacher. From the start we have invested to dive in from the 10m board – no dipping our toes here.

The investment has paid off handsomely.

This week, LinkedIn have recognized us as one of the Top 25 most socially engaged 'Specialist Boutique' recruiters in the EMEA on their platform.

For such a behemoth to recognize little old us is incredibly humbling, but it makes me glad that we have stuck with it through all the ignored posts and not so positive comments. Not everything goes smoothly on social media, and you have to have a pretty thick skin, but if you do it consistently (with the right message), people will notice you.

The sales process is changing. People are increasingly making up their minds to 90% before they even get on the phone, and there is so much opportunity to present yourself exactly how you wish. The first impression of your company will often be on the LinkedIn page of you or your colleagues. Why would you not want to make the most of this touch point? Potential clients will check you out on Twitter and probably follow you for a while before they get in touch.

They want to get to know you.

Too many companies are still so half-hearted in their social media efforts…. It is true that it takes an incredible amount of effort to build some momentum, but I don’t really understand why anyone would not want to make the most of the opportunities that social media offers.

A new client or successful next placement could be reading these words right now. They have a little window into the soul of Big Cloud. How is that anything but amazing?


Matt Reaney

Co-Founder, Big Cloud

Matt Reaney is the Founder of Big Cloud. Specialists in Big Data recruitment - connecting innovative organisations with the best talent in Data Analytics and Data Science.

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