'Social And Digital Media And Marketing Are Data Driven Business'

We sat down with Thomas Allcock, VP of Ad Sales Marketing at Diply


Thomas Allcock is the Vice President of Ad Sales Marketing at Diply, a leading social entertainment publisher for millennial women, where he oversees strategic direction and communications programs for the direct ad sales team. An award-winning integrated marketing and sales executive, Allcock is responsible for branded content development, cross-platform solutions, sales enablement, and marketing communications for the company’s top advertising categories, including CPG, automotive, beauty, retail, technology, and more. 

Prior to Diply, Allcock was the Vice President, Creative Marketing, Branding + Communications at Federated Media, where he managed the team responsible for ad sales and product marketing, corporate branding, and internal/external communications. Beyond Diply and FM, Allcock has designed promotional and created branded entertainment programs for Fortune 500 clients, generating advertising revenue for industry-leading media companies, including Say Media, Healthline, Glam/Mode Media, InStyle.com, Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, GQ, and more.

Ahead of his presentation at the Digital Marketing Innovation Summit this September 11 - 12 in San Francisco, we sat down with Thomas to talk all things marketing in today's digital world. 

How did you get started in your career?

Some people wait until middle age before embarking on the 'second chapter' of their career. Mine came in my late twenties – along with chapters three and four. I initially moved to NYC to conquer the art world. After a string of entry-level positions at some of the leading contemporary art galleries in the city, I turned my attention to event production and fundraising for not-for-profit organizations. This pivot allowed me to work with top print publications and develop sponsorship opportunities for their advertisers. The closer I worked with magazines and their clients, the more I wanted in on the world of media. I secured a spot on the marketing team at Rolling Stone and haven’t look back. I’ve been fortunate enough to tailor my career path with the changing tides of media – starting in print and broadcast, moving to digital and landing today at social.

How far and in what ways do data & analytics inform your marketing strategy?

Social and digital media and marketing are data driven business. At Diply, we went from startup to 170 employees by creating 1,250+ fun and engaging original videos and stories monthly. Through deep commitment to both the art and science of social content creation and distribution, Diply regularly generates 1.5B+ social views and 5B+ media impressions monthly.

What key metrics should brands be looking at to assess their digital engagement strategies?

With data at the epicenter of social and digital media and marketing, brands must select the right metrics for the right program with the right outcome. While KPIs vary dramatically based on clients, business goals, and/or marketing need, one of the most important metrics that we constantly review and optimize for is time spent on site…especially mobile. We’re proud to say that Diply has the highest reader engagement on mobile within the top 10 comScore Lifestyle media properties.

How can brands maintain consistency whilst pushing their content across different channels? (i.e. Social media and email marketing)

In business, one thing that’s universal is the importance of knowing your customer. At Diply, our primary focus is, and will always be, our customer and we’re continuously improving the user experience across the many difference platforms through which they consume content. Staying true to that principle has helped us become one of the most engaging mobile lifestyle sites on comScore. Regardless of where and how they consume content, brands and publishers alike must maintain a clear, consistent voice that matches reader’s expectations. 

You can hear more from Thomas, along with many other industry leading digital marketing experts, at the Digital Marketing Innovation Summit this September 11 - 12 in San Francisco. To see the full schedule, click here


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