Slack makes its most significant acquisition to date

In a monumental move, Slack has acquired Astro for an undisclosed amount to better integrate email and channel workloads


In its quest to becomes the world's "digital office", Slack has acquired Astro, a platform which leverages AI to surface important information contained within user emails and calendars. This means that from October 10 Astro services and apps will no longer be available, following full integration with Slack software.

A large contributor to Slack's unparalleled success has been its ability to integrate or permit a number of file-sharing programs and software tools into one, seamless portal. However, Slack also accepts that, despite its platform's ease of use and convenience, email is still an integral part of most businesses' communication.

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The most recent move will see Slack simplifying the work sharing process even further by leveraging Astro's services and expertise in email infrastructure.

As a statement from Astro illuminated, Astro launched its intelligent apps "for users of Microsoft and Google email and calendar, to help people focus on their most important messages and relationships". This allowed apps like Slack's Astrobot, which was created in 2017, to enable users to do a single search and receive results from both their Slack and email accounts.

With Slacks ongoing approach of "acquiring companies to integrate," as they have done with Stride and Hipchat, it is assumed they will do the same with Astro with the regards to its staff and technologies.

While Slack has yet to disclose any details of this deal, when the company raised $500m in August 2018, Slack's chief product officer, April Underwood noted, "whereas last year we just needed to make it so that more people could use the Slack that already exists, now we’re starting to take steps to expand what Slack is."

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