Should You Outsource Your Business’s Marketing Data Backups?

Is outsourcing worth it for backing up your data?


How do you currently back up your business’s marketing data? If you’re like most small- to mid-sized business owners, you rely on internal means of storage—for example, you might have a private server, or you might keep everything backed up on hard drives. That’s if you have any kind of backup plan at all.

According to a Carbonite survey, less than a third of all businesses with less than 100 employees back up their data every day, with barely half of respondents backing up their data once a week.

But are onsite, occasional backups enough to protect the data that drives your marketing campaigns?

One alternative is outsourcing your cloud backup and recovery needs with a managed hosting provider like CloudRecover, which protects and recovers your data on behalf of your organization. But what are the advantages to outsourcing, compared to doing things yourself? What will you need to consider in terms of cost and security?

Why Backups Are Important

First, let’s establish why consistent, reliable, and protected data backups are so important:

Protecting your research. To fuel your marketing campaigns, you need data on your target demographics—and that costs you time, money, or more likely, both. If that data suddenly disappears, you’ll be out all that invested time and money, and you’ll need to start from scratch.

Guarding your campaign performance data. Marketing isn’t based on guesswork; you need reliable data to determine whether your campaigns were successful, and historical data to guide your campaigns in the future. You’ll need to preserve that data at all costs to keep running efficiently.

Maintaining your brand image. You’ll also want to avoid data breaches or data loss to preserve your brand image—when Target suffered a data breach, it ended up losing more than $252 million, not including the damage in trust from customers. Your marketing campaigns won’t be effective if your customers suddenly see you as untrustworthy.

The Advantages of Outsourcing

Hypothetically, you could backup data on your own, but there are some serious advantages to outsourcing this task:

Higher reliability. Even if you have professionally trained IT workers on staff, chances are your outsourced partners have more expertise in the field of data backup than you do—and certainly more than your marketing team does. They’ve built their entire business on this, and have far more invested in it. Most backup solutions have multiple servers mirroring each other, mitigating the possibility of any kind of data loss, and advanced security measures that prevent it from being stolen or otherwise compromised.

Lower maintenance costs. If you’re worried about the cost of outsourcing, remember that your internal solutions cost money too. If you have IT workers, you’re paying for their salary on a daily basis, you’re replacing your hardware regularly, and you’re paying for all the electricity your servers consume. Most data backup solutions these days come with a simple monthly fee that comes in much lower than your combined expenditures.

Accountability. In the off chance something does go wrong, you’ll have offsite accountability to make things right. That may include calling on layered or historical backups, reimbursing you for any losses you’ve suffered, or working with you to find an even better solution. Plus, you’ll have communication with an outside authority in case you ever have any questions or concerns, or if you need to upgrade your level of security.

Delegated responsibilities. Don’t forget that when you outsource your data backup responsibilities, you’re taking an entire wing of operations off the plate of your marketing team. In someone else’s hands, you no longer have to worry about it. For people still relying on manual backups for their company data, this could save you hours every week.

More options. Finally, when it comes to outsourcing your data backup and recovery needs, you have tons of options—there are multiple types of backup available, and of course, multiple providers. More options means you can find a better fit for your company in terms of service, reliability, and cost.

Do Your Research

By this point, it should be clear that outsourcing your marketing data backup needs is your best option. However, there are hundreds of different providers, at different cost levels and with different service packages. Before you choose one, take the time to research the possibilities—PC Mag has a list of data backup software to get you started.

Take your time and make the right decision for your business—your marketing efficiency and performance are on the line.


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