Should We Be Scared Of IoT And AI combining?

Are we going to see Skynet from intelligent systems?


When people think about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and The Internet of Things (IoT) they tend to think that we are looking at a Skynet situation. This is referring to the Terminator films, where artificial intelligence and robots have taken over and destroyed the human race.

In fact this kind of technology has sparked the interest of many works of fiction, including the 2014 movie ‘Her’ the Spike Jonze film about somebody who falls in love with an operating system. It has caught the imagination of many people and has allowed for people to explore the potential for this kind of technology in a fictional setting.

Media coverage like this has created a certain stigma around the area, even though the reality is that this IoT and AI relationship is not only going to happen, but needs to.

Each passing day sees more sensors communicating free of human intervention, creating billions of data points. This is only going to increase with AI and machine learning being the only realistic way to truly make the most of the opportunities that this has given us.

For those who think that this is going to spell the end of human existence, like some kind of 1970’s sci-fi film, it is worth pointing out that this kind of thing is not new.

Every time you access Amazon, the products that you may be interested in is populated through machine learning. It takes the data produced by you in what you search for, then puts the results on the page.

Very few people believe that this kind of work is going to destroy the world or send a robot back in time to kill us.

The truth is that intelligence does not constitute the kind of predictions that many of these films have propagated. In fact what we are seeing in many of these films is a combination of artificial intelligence (the ability to analyse and process data) with consciousness (essentially the realization of existence).

The kind of aspects that this encompasses is the ability to feel and experience. It is essentially not the kind of thing that is going to be required for machine learning.

The only way that something will be created that people could fall in love with, be murdered by or similar, is if they design it themselves. In reality, there is no use for a system that could do this, beyond simple curiosity.

So are we going to see killer robots chasing us down the street? In short, no.

What we are seeing is the convergence of a huge amount of data to a commonly held repository; the internet. This connected database combined with intelligent machine learning allows us to create a system that will allow us to have the power to analyze information and machines to make changes to optimize aspects of it.

The potential for this kind of symbiotic relationship is vast, it is going to be down to people trusting that we aren’t creating a new breed of killer robot, but instead creating opportunities in almost every aspect of our lives. 


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