​Sharing Your Investment Performance with Employers

Why are some candidates included in the interview process for an investment job and others not?


Why are some candidates included in the interview process for an investment job and others not? More specifically, why isn’t past contribution to investment performance a determining factor?

Oddly enough in a profession where results are more measurable than most, employers are often unaware of a candidate’s record of investment decisions, to the detriment especially of candidates who are in any way unconventional.

There are a number of reasons candidates don’t put their track record out front for the early screeners such as HR, search consultants like me, or network contacts.

First, while some companies record each employee’s ownership of investment decisions, even if shared, and may use virtual (paper) portfolios to show how an employee would perform if unconstrained, many do not. Even these measures can diminish in impact with a job change or a period of unemployment. Second, employers are aware that performance numbers on a resume can be ‘cherry-picked’ and not an accurate representation of investment decision history. Third, amidst the current controversy regarding the performance of money managers comes more evidence that beating indices consistently is hard. Not everyone is eager to reveal their decision history, at least one that reflects the constraints imposed by one’s boss.

We believe a secure, cloud-stored record of an individual’s investment decisions is a step toward refinement of the talent selection process. Our device, myinvestmentrecord.com acts as a repository that spans employers, and is not cherry-picked because it is reported by a third party, like a credit score.

This is rocky territory given all the variations in risk, costs, time frame, taxes etc that investment professionals use to portray their performance, but the simplest, clearest record of one’s decisonmaking can attract the attention of the right people and allow the conversation to begin.

As we refine our measures and safeguard the integrity of the performance data to ensure credibility, perhaps there will be some surprises as to who gets included in first round interviews.


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