Shanghai Education Resource Center adopts AI-based content search engine

Integration with KanKan’s AI algorithms will enhance online search results


Shanghai Education Resource Center has announced plans to integrate with a US-based artificial intelligence (AI) technology company, Remarks Holdings Inc. KanKan, to provide a multi-media search platform.

KanKan will provide AI solutions to Shanghai's Education Resource Center, an affiliate of Shanghai Open University.

The platform will sift through online libraries; digital libraries, video-on-demand, live broadcast, digital TV, video surveillance and internet advertising to collate relevant and accurate information in and more efficient manner, providing educators access to online data resources.

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Kai-Shing Tao, Remark's chairperson and CEO said: "We're enabling seamless access to a diverse and growing universe of data sources through a highly effective and easy-to-use navigation tool.

"This innovative platform demonstrates the power of KanKan's AI technology in delivering highly-accurate and accessible solutions to complex problems."

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