Seven reasons why DATAx New York will be unmissable

DATAx shares the top reasons why you need to be at the upcoming DATAx New York festival


In the last few years, the impact of AI and machine learning (ML) in practically every industry has advanced exponentially. Every day, new innovations emerge to help firms integrate these technologies and disrupt old processes and systems, unleashing the kind of potential that has allowed startups to disrupt centuries-old industry institutions.

With AI and ML branching out from R&D departments to enhance the myriad of day-to-day tasks we perform, DATAx has emerged to share with you the opportunity to learn about all of the latest innovations in this new, five-summits-in-one, all-things-data extravaganza, all nestled in that global hub of innovation: New York City.

So, in the lead up to the event which takes place on December 12–13 at Manhattan's iconic Hilton Midtown, we present to you seven reasons why the DATAx New York festival is simply unmissable.

Five summits, +100 presentations, one festival

Today, a new bar of data literacy is required of everyone, regardless of industry or level. DATAx realizes that now more than any other time in history, we share so many of the same struggles and challenges as AI and ML's potential to transform our world emerges. This is why DATAx is bringing together 700 innovators from five different industries under one roof.

Delegates will have the opportunity to learn and interact with experts from any of the following tracks:

AI & Big Data for Banking Summit

AI & Big Data for Pharma Summit 2018

AI & Big Data for Marketing Summit

Chief Data Officer Summit

Machine Learning Innovation Summit

They can also venture into any of the more than 100 presentations taking place over the two days at no additional cost.

The biggest brands

Some of the biggest, most innovative, most disruptive brands at the very forefront of almost every significant AI or ML industrial innovation from the last few years will be represented at this year's DATAx New York. Among those in attendance will be:

Apple, Netflix, HSBC, Shell, Amazon, Google, Snapchat, NASA, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft

And many, many more!

The speakers

DATAx will be hosting some incredibly insightful presentations from some of the brightest minds in AI and ML. Some highlights from across the event include:

AI & Big Data for Marketing

Disney-ABC Television Group VP of media strategy and planning Gary Shanas will be presenting: Inside. Outside. Tops-Down. Bottoms-Up. Crafting marketing analytics for the ever-changing world of television.

Live Nation head of data product innovation Michael Finnegan will deliver a presentation titled: People-based marketing: The fan journey from digital to physical.

NBC Universal VP of data technology and engineering Jeff Pinard will present: Uncovering opportunities to increase viewer effectiveness in media.

AI & Big Data for Pharma

Johnson & Johnson senior VP and global head of data sciences Georgia Papathomas's keynote presentation: The changing face of healthcare in pharma.

NYU Center for Data Science director Richard Bonneau's keynote presentation: Navigating the advanced analytics landscape.

Boehringer Ingelheim head of health informatics and analytics Victoria Gamerman's case study: Applying advanced analytics to support of clinical drug development, drug lifecycle and commercialization.

AI & Big Data for Banking

Morgan Stanley VP lead data scientist Kenneth Yu Zhang's presentation: An exciting new Era in Banking: Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Martin Caupin from BNP Paribas, Somnath Roy from Barclays and Devanshu Mehrotra from MUFG: Panel session: How data analytics is driving the future of banking.

Chief Data Officer

Google chief decision scientist Cassie Kozyrkov's presentation,  Making data useful.

General Electric chief commercial data scientist Cary Correia's presentation, Predictive marketing with advanced analytics.

Microsoft AI & machine learning scientist Francesca Lazzeri's presentation, The Mindset for Innovation with Data Science: Emerging Technologies and Principles to Nurture a Healthy Data Science Function.

Machine Learning Innovation

Meetup principal machine learning engineer Zachary Cohn's presentation: Sparking more Meetups with machine learning.

AirbnbSenior machine learning software engineer Hangjun Xu talks about they use machine learning.

WeWork senior product manager at Harsha Rao's presentation: How to build a lean recommendation engine.

The ideas

DATAx has spent the last few months picking the brains of some of our most influential speakers in order to get a snapshot of what the challenges are like when you're on the cutting edge of one of the most innovative firms in the world:

Microsoft's Francesca Lazzeri spoke to us about how important it is companies create ethical AI

Sarah Hoffman from fidelity investments delved into why it crucial for every firm to build an AI strategy

Disney-ABC VP of media strategy taught us how to balance analytics with creativity

And FanDuel's director of marketing science cautioned us on the dangers of making assumptions

Along with all these interviews, DATAx has produced a number of long-form thought leadership articles exploring many of the challenges facing data experts including:

DATAx: Why and how blockchain is going to disrupt marketing

DATAx presents: 2018’s most exciting data trends

DATAx presents: IoT trends and predictions for 2019

Infographic: Old media vs new media

We've also published a number of free-to-download and highly informative ebooks:

DATAx Guide to AI and Machine Learning Trends in 2019

DATAx Guide to Data Visualization in 2019

DATAx Tech Launchpad

This festival, DATAx will be piloting its new Tech Launchpad which will see startups showcase their latest offerings to fellow data professionals from across all industries.

Delegates can observe, question or just wonder at the latest ideas and innovation, and build a constructive dialogue to the benefit of all involved.

DATAx is also building an Advisory Board of data experts on which delegates and other senior executives will be able to share and discuss the problems facing you, the solutions you are employing and how you are driving growth. To learn more and whether you are eligible to join, click here.

Speaker Q&As

At this year's DATAx New York, we will be hosting speaker Q&As across all summits. Delegates will have the opportunity to ask the all-important questions on the biggest challenges facing the data industry to the event's speakers as well as a host of data experts. Attendees can share problems and solutions with one another, question speakers further on their presentations and hopefully lessen some of the challenges they are struggling with within their own enterprise.


Finally, this year's DATAx New York will be hosted at the prestigious Hilton Midtown:

DATAx will also be hosting a number of the most innovative startups in New York including:

Chameleon Metadata




To have the chance to be a part of this monumental data extravaganza, visit DATAx New York on December 12–13, 2018.

Check out the full agenda, speaker list and buy your tickets HERE.

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