Top 5 Influencer Marketing Trends You Need To Know About

Influencer endorsements have never been more popular


In the world of social media and content marketing, a common term is quietly making the rounds. More and more people are finding out about the existence of pseudo-celebrities or 'Influencers' that predominantly litter the internet.

By definition, an Influencer is an individual or entity that has an above average impact on certain topic or field. These influencers are usually ordinary, everyday people or groups that have small connections with media organizations, industry associations, consumer groups, and other reputable outlets.

An influencer may or may not be in leagues with a business or a marketing scheme, but they can hold a considerable amount of 'influence' over a specific audience for a particular business or company. Such incredible authority on critical and strategic targets make influencers a powerful asset for corporations or businesses to be successful.

Over the course of time, influencers are sprouting almost everywhere. Pewdiepie, among others, is a fantastic example of how robust and incredible this strategy has become. Pewdiepie, real name Felix Kjellberg, has amassed $124 Million in earnings since 2010. With time, Felix’s wealth and popularity will only continue to rise.

With that said, here are some trends that people should look out for when it comes to influencer market strategies.

Budget Increase

Businesses will only continue to pour in investments when it comes to influencer marketing. Companies that are doing this trend are most likely to profit if influencers are doing an especially great job. The amount that some companies spend annually on such strategies is around $25,000. That number will double or even quadruple in just a few years time.

Total Control

Influencers are such powerful assets for a campaign that a brand may fall completely powerless over them when it comes to advertising their message. Marketing managers for ads may not like the idea of someone presenting their brand in a dark, vulgar, and comedic tone but truthfully, results speak for themselves.

An example of this fact is color commentator Joe Rogan who often does podcasts and shows while advertising products with his personal flavor. Although unnerving for some publicity managers, a total improvement of profit and brand recognition is nothing compared to a little vulgar language.

User Content becomes more relevant

In the past, relevancy was solely exclusive to A-list celebrities. Now, an ordinary joe or jane can put up a video and rant or praise just about anything inadvertently turning them into their own influencers.

Live Video

Although target markets will never fade away, the development of a multitude of new markets is still highly possible. In fact, most recent sites like and other streaming sites post Live games on their pages

Quality Improvement

Due to the booming trend happening in the world of influencer marketing, expect to see even more influencers appearing and making their online presence felt. These rising numbers will only continue to increase.

Because of this sharp rise, influencers are going to step up in creating more quality content for them to separate themselves from the others. By doing so, quality content means more potential partners. And more partners means a total increase in overall production and efficiency.

Looming Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is now requiring Influencers to show proper disclosure of the relationship between a brand and influencer. Using hashtags such as #ad, #sp, or #sponsored may not be enough to comply with the strict guidelines of the FTC.

However, Influencers have no cause for alarm. The FTC guidelines only require influencers to provide a clear relationship between the brand and themselves in the material that they post. The consumer should notice the relationship between brand and endorser. Another easy way is for both advertiser and influencer to agree on written guidelines to further show disclosure.


It’s no surprise that influencers are taking the world by storm. Pewdiepie is the most famous and richest among the market influencers. These trends are here to stay and are only getting better, and Influencers are powerful assets that no company should overlook.

Influencers are people who have a relationship or interactions with a targeted audience, that’s why they prove to be very useful assets for companies and firms.


Leslie Wyman is a writer and a blogger. She loves writing about social media and the trends that companies use for marketing. Leslie is also quite knowledgeable in the field of SEO marketing. She often cites Searchical SEOand other businesses in her works because of their high credibility. In her free time, Leslie loves cooking and playing with her family.


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