Seeing Green

This month's inaugural version of CFO magazine's new quiz tests your knowledge of all (or several) things green.


This month's inaugural version of our new back-page feature tests your knowledge of all (or several) things green. From solar panels to oil consumption to carbon emissions, green is to the business pages these days what gas stations once were to Route 66: ubiquitous. So grab a pencil and see just how much you know.

1) Southern California Edison plans to spend about $875 million to cover two square miles of rooftops with solar panels, which will generate enough electricity to power:

a. More than 150,000 homes
b. More than 300,000 homes
c. More than 500,000 homes
d. The County of Los Angeles

2) By some estimates, solar capacity will increase 30–35% a year between now and 2020, by which time solar will account for what percent of global electricity output?

a. <3%
b. 3–5%
c. 8–10%
d. >10%

3) In 2007 the United States was the leading global consumer of oil, accounting for 23.9% of consumption. China was second. What percent did it consume?

a. 9.3%
b. 12.5%
c. 16.7%
d. 23.1%

4) A deal was struck earlier this year to sell the world's largest wind turbine to:

a. T. Boone Pickens
b. The Sultan of Dubai
c. Queen Elizabeth II
d. Vladimir Putin

5) Kawasaki, Washington Mutual, Optima Health, and other companies have joined a green coalition that aims to:

a. Reduce employees' commuting-related carbon footprints
b. Rely completely on LED lighting systems by 2020
c. Address the environmental impact of junk mail
d. Develop new global shipping systems that consume 50% less oil

6) Last month the University of Tennessee announced an energy conservation policy that will save $2 million annually, an amount equal to:

a. The salary of its football coach
b. Total tuition for all in-state freshmen
c. Commuting costs of all faculty and staff
d. Construction cost of a new biorefinery research center

7) Of the 15 largest oil-producing nations in the world, the number of those in the Middle East:

a. 3
b. 5
c. 7
d. 9

8) By one estimate, building the necessary infrastructure throughout California to charge electric cars would cost $1.5 billion, an amount equal to:

a. One day of oil imports
b. Two weeks of oil imports
c. One month of oil imports
d. Four months of oil imports

For more on questions above, including a list of sources, see

Answers: 1-A; 2-A; 3-A; 4-C; 5-C; 6-A; 7-A; 8-B


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