Seattle tops list of best US cities for entrepreneurs

Guide to best US cities in which to set up a startup ranks Sioux Falls, Detroit and Portsmouth, NH, ahead of New York and San Francisco


Digital business publication has placed Seattle, Washington, as the best US city for entrepreneurs in 2019.

The north-western city was joined by St. Louis, Denver, Detroit and Nashville in the top five of the annual listing, which provides entrepreneurs looking to set up a startup with a guide to cities offering the best chance of survival.

The list was based on elements such as access to startup funding, education level of the local workforce and cost of living. The coastal hubs of New York, San Francisco and Miami, all of which made last year's list, failed to make cut for 2019.

According to "The fact of the matter is, big coastal cities, which are supposed to be excellent for entrepreneurs, can be too costly to get startups off the ground.

"The best cities for entrepreneurs offer a blend of local financing options, a supportive business culture and a skilled, affordable base of workers." rated the cities on criteria such as business survival rate, economic growth rate, new business growth, financial landscape and tax climate. Other metrics included labor market, quality of life and cost of living.'s top 10 best cities for entrepreneurs in 2019:

1. Seattle

2. St. Louis

3. Denver

4. Detroit

5. Nashville

6. Salt Lake City

7. Portsmouth, NH

8. Boston

9. Austin

10. Sioux Falls, SD

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