Scripps and NVIDIA to create AI tools for health data

NVIDIA and Scripps Research Translational Institute partner to analyze genomic and medical sensor data with deep learning


The Scripps Research Translational Institute has partnered with tech giant NVIDIA to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to health data.

Scripps founder and director Eric Topol said that the partnership would aim to establish a center of excellence for AI in genomics and digital sensors. Topol commented that the end goal of the new center would be to develop "best practices, tools and AI infrastructure for broader adoption and application by the biomedical research community".

Scripps Research Translational Institute, which was ranked last year by scientific journal Nature as the world's most influential research institution, said that the initial focus of the center would be to develop deep-learning-based genetic and digital sensing prediction of atrial fibrillation, with plans to expand into other diseases and datasets.

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NVIDIA VP of healthcare Kimberley Powell said in a blog post that deep learning "can predict phenotypic information from mutation detections, which, when combined with digital sensor data, opens up a new world of disease prevention and intervention".

"Our collaboration with Scripps expands these opportunities by tapping into the rapid accessibility of genomic and digital wearable data and furthers the quest to better predict and prevent disease," Powell added.

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