Say What?

Test your knowledge of recent finance quotables.


It's been an interesting year, to say the least. In fact, "say the least" would have been very good advice to offer to various newsmakers over the past 12 months. An economic crisis has a way of inspiring all kinds of interesting observations, many of which become instant classics. Can you match the quotable quote to the person who uttered that particular pearl?

1) "With the benefit of hindsight I can now say that I and many others were wrong."

A. Alan Greenspan
B. Henry Paulson
C. Richard Fuld
D. Angelo Mozilo

2) "The market did so bad, instead of a closing bell they played 'Taps'."

A. Jay Leno
B. Jim Cramer
C. Barney Frank
D. Jack Welch

3) "Accounting standards aren't just another financial rudder to be pulled when the economic ship drifts in the wrong direction…they are the rivets in the hull, and you risk the integrity of the entire economy by removing them."

A. Ben Bernanke
B. Barack Obama
C. Christopher Cox
D. Sir David Tweedie

4) "People are understandably looking for promising investment opportunities to grow the largest nest egg possible…[but] this strategy can't work if every six or seven years the nest egg gets broken and scrambled."

A. John Bogle
B. Robert Herz
C. Ted Kennedy
D. Dr. Phil

5) "Lately, a lot of clients are businesspeople who need quick money for their businesses."

A. Patent attorney William F. Heinze
B. Pension expert Ronald Richman
C. Exotic car dealer Tom LaPointe
D. Pawnshop owner Yossi Dina

6) "Many of our traditional competitors have retreated from the marketplace…due to financial distress, mergers, or [a] shift in strategic priorities."

A. Ford CFO Lewis Booth
B. Goldman Sachs CFO David Viniar
C. Delta Air Lines CFO Hank Halter
D. Playboy Enterprises CFO Linda Havard

7) "I went back to college and took a two-year certificate program in turf management. I have a lawn-service business — it's one man and a lawn mower."

A. Former Minnesota congressman Larry Craig
B. Former Martha Stewart financial adviser Peter Bacanovic
C. Former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski
D. Former HealthSouth CFO Aaron Beam

Answers: 1–C; 2–A; 3–C; 4–B; 5–D; 6–B; 7–D


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