SAP unveils guiding principles and ethics advisory panel for AI adoption

The European tech company announced its AI guiding principles and the development of its AI ethics advisory panel


Software giant, SAP SE (SAP) has announced its guiding principles and the development of an external artificial intelligence (AI) ethics advisory panel. It further noted that with this development, it has become the first European technology company to create an AI ethics advisory panel.

The panel included members from a diverse range of sectors such as academia, politics and industry experts who will work alongside SAP executives in development, strategy and human resources to drive the adoption and further development of the principles.

Susan Liautaud, a member of the panel and lecturer in public policy and law said: "AI offers immense opportunities, but it also raises unprecedented and often unpredictable ethics challenges for society and humanity.

"The AI ethics advisory panel allows us to ensure an ethical AI, which serves humanity and benefits society."

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The adoption of the new guidelines, the external panel and the internal committee will be supported by SAP's machine learning (ML) software and SAP Leonardo which is used within businesses for the deployment for ML embedded apps. Furthermore, SAP stated that the development aims to ensure that AI capabilities are used to maintain integrity and trust in all solutions.

SAP CFO, Luka Mucic said: "SAP considers the ethical use of data a core value. We want to create software that enables the intelligent enterprise and actually improves people’s lives.

"Such principles will serve as the basis to make AI a technology that augments human talent," he commented.

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