SAP announces ML-powered upgrades to its analytics cloud platform

The SAP Analytics Cloud solution platform adopts predictive technologies to improve accuracy and efficiency in business decisions


Multinational software company SAP SE has announced its integration of machine-learning (ML) technologies to its existing SAP Analytics Cloud solution to offer businesses an enhanced data-driven, decision-making tool.

The platform powered by ML technology aims to uncover correlations in organizations' data information to assist users with accurate and efficient results.

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SAP president Mala Anand said: "Analytics is shifting from a passive system to an active system, and through new augmented analytics capabilities, our technologies are able to facilitate faster and confident decisions.

"With SAP Analytics Cloud, organizations are able to eliminate repetitive tasks and countless hours spent conducting simple data visualization, which allows analysts and decision-makers to spend more time focused on applying human ingenuity and creative reasoning toward actually solving these complex business decisions," she outlined.

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Additionally, the analytics platform has integrated data visualization, planning and predictive capabilities into one platform. SAP noted that the platform removed "the need for data replication processes, eliminating out-of-context and stale information".

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