Samsung wins this year's StarCraft AI tournament

The Samsung SDS SAIDA team beat other AI developers at this year's StarCraft AI competition hosted by the Canadian-based AI and Interactive Digital Entertainment society


Samsung SDS' development team SAIDA (which stands for Samsung SDS AI & Data Analytics) became the first Korean team to win the annual StarCraft AI competition hosted by the AI and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE) society. The competition, which took place in Canada, played out over the course of three weeks with the SAIDA team's AI model earning one of the highest win rates ever.

StarCraft is a strategy game built by Blizzard Entertainment, the company responsible for bringing the World of Warcraft and StarCraft titles to the world. AIIDE has been hosting the annual tournament since 2010 in an effort to "foster and evaluate progress of AI research applied to real-time strategy (RTS) games". This is because, as AIIDE puts it, "RTS games pose a much greater challenge for AI research than chess because of hidden information, vast state and action spaces, and the requirement to act quickly".

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The SAIDA team took part in 2,600 matches and garnered a win ratio of 2,484-106, a win ratio of 96%. Following the win, SAIDA team leader Chang-hyeon Bae commented: "The secret of our success was in our AI bot. It plays as if it is human by actively responding to the counterpart's strategies, then striking them at the right time while allowing detailed unit control. We applied machine learning technologies to 110,000 sets of pro-gamers' replay data in order to further enhance competitiveness"

Samsung SDS CEO and president Dr. Won-pyo Hong also commented on the team's success, saying, "winning the AIIDE competition served as a great opportunity to widely promote Samsung SDS' AI capabilities around the world.

"And we will continue to contribute to innovating our various customers' businesses using the world's best AI technologies," he added.


Image courtesy Samsung.

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