Samsung to build next-gen IT infrastructure for self-driving test zone in South Korea

Samsung has reached an agreement with the Korean Transportation Safety Authority to help it build the next-gen IT infrastructure required for autonomous car testing in South Korea's K-City


Samsung has announced it will be collaborating with the Korean Transportation Safety Authority (KOTSA) to bring a variety of next-generation telecommunication technology infrastructure to K-City. The tech giant signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with KOTSA as part of a larger effort to bring self-driving cars to South Korea.

K-City is the $10m, 79-acre imitation town created to recreate the real-life road environments of South Korea in order to test autonomous, connected vehicles. K-City has five simulated environments: Urban areas; rural areas; local communities; highways and parking lots; and other road features such as crossings and tunnels.

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"By building various telecommunication networks including 5G, 4G and V2X in one place, K-City will provide real-world experiences of autonomous driving for people and businesses across the industry," commented KOTSA director Byung Yoon Kwon. "This open environment is expected to be served as a unique innovation lab for industry partners that will ultimately enable to accelerate the availability of autonomous driving era."

With this new MoU Samsung has signed, it will assist the South Korean government in IT-related infrastructures such as 4G LTE, 5G and vehicle-to-Everything (V2X). The new network infrastructure will allow Samsung and other companies to recreate, test and repeat real-life situations with a host of next-generation technologies before they are unleashed upon the general public.

"The prominence of autonomous vehicles and connected cars is growing rapidly in the 5G era, and Samsung's commitment to collaborative innovation in this area is stronger than ever," said Samsung Electronics executive vice president and head of global technology services Jaeho Jeon.

"With our technical expertise in 5G technologies, we are uniquely positioned to establish the foundation of a new industrial ecosystem that will allow the autonomous driving industry to flourish."

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