Samsung partners with Plume to release SmartThings Mesh Wi-Fi system

Powered by Plumes AI network optimization technology, the release marks Samsung's latest foray into the smart home market


Samsung has released SmartThings Mesh Wi-Fi system, which it produced in partnership with San Francisco-based AI startup Plume.

SmartThings Wi-Fi (a name it acquired when it bought the consumer-directed IoT business of the same name in 2014) is Samsung's latest product aimed at improving Wi-Fi connections in its consumers' home.

"SmartThings Wi-Fi is an intelligent solution which adapts to the many devices in the home, with mesh capability to eliminate coverage gaps, plus a built-in SmartThings Hub to easily monitor and control hundreds of compatible smart products," commented SK Kim, senior director of IoT product marketing at Samsung Electronics America.

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The company previously released Samsung Connect Home in 2017. However, now powered with Plumes adaptive AI technology, the company hopes to have taken the tech to a new level. Plume's platform is equipped with an AI which actively adapts to the internet needs in a home and allocates bandwidth accordingly. This allows it to deliver the optimum amount of Wi-Fi across a house while also mitigating interference.

Of the integration, Plume CEO Fahri Diner said, "Integrating our adaptive home Wi-Fi technology and a rich set of consumer features into SmartThings' large, open ecosystem truly elevates the smart home experience.

"Samsung gives you myriad devices to consume content and connect, and Plume ensures that your Wi-Fi network delivers a superior user experience to all of those devices," he added.

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