Samsung leak finally unveils its foldable phone

A teaser video uncovered by Slashleaks has revealed that the smartphone provider will be unveiling its long-awaited foldable phone, next-generation smartphone and Galaxy Tab tablet


Samsung is planning to unveil its long-awaited foldable phone later this month at the South Korean company's "Unpacked" event in San Francisco on February 20, according to a teaser video uncovered by Slashleaks.

For five or so years, Samsung had been leading the race to produce the first foldable smartphone until it was beaten to the punch when Royole, a relatively unknown startup, surprised everyone by launching the "FlexPai" in November 2018. Huawei has also been hot on the company's heels, announcing in September 2018 that it would launch its first 5G-enabled foldable phone in mid-2019.

In November 2018, just weeks after FlexPai was first launched and Huawei made its claims, Samsung unveiled details and gave a first look at the prototype of its foldable phone. However, the design in the leaked video shows a much sleeker-looking and less bulky product than the one revealed in November. It is also appears to have a completely flat screen without a rubbery hinge in the middle – the main criticism that has been lobbied against FlexPai's offering.

The video also revealed that the smartphone provider will be debuting its next-generation flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy Tab tablet at the event.

Watch the full video below:

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