Samsung acquires data analytics firm Zhilabs

Tech giant purchases Barcelona-based firm to tackle increasing 5G network analytics demands


South Korean tech giant Samsung has announced its acquisition of Zhilabs, a Barcelona-based data analysis firm, for an undisclosed amount. The move marks the first acquisition by the Samsung Group since announcing plans to invest $20bn in emerging tech in August 2018.

Despite falling smartphone sales across the world, Samsung has declared its intention to invest heavily in the AI, 5G, electronic components and biopharmaceuticals markets. Zhilabs ticks two of those boxes, as it uses AI to analyze network data, allowing it to crunch data at a higher rate, which will be key for developing much faster networks.

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Launched in 2008, Zhilabs analyzes the condition, performance and data traffic of cellular networks for close to 50 different telecom companies. While the firm now belongs solely to Samsung, its own management team will continue to run the company independently.

With many 5G networks rolling out over the next 12 months, testing and monitoring of each network's performance will be vital to all companies working within the 5G space, especially through each network's initial months, due to the myriad of technologies and opportunities which will now be viable on the faster network.

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