Salary is the most important factor for US job seekers

Salary and benefits are the two most important factors jobseekers look at when considering new positions, Glassdoor survey finds


The key pieces of information that jobseekers and workers in the US considered most important when weighing up potential jobs were salary (67%) and benefits (63%), according to a survey carried out by Glassdoor.

The report, which was conducted in May 2018 among more than 1,100 US adults, additionally found that almost six in 10 jobseekers consider location to be one of their top considerations. Commute time came in fourth place in the report, as 43% of jobseekers considered this vital, while fewer than one in three looked at employee reviews on job sites when job hunting.

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"Job seekers crave transparency on pay, not only to make an initial judgement about whether to consider applying for a job, but also to assess if an employer holds long-term potential for them," said Glassdoor global head of talent acquisition Julie Coucoules.. "Quality candidates are typically well-researched and those that go beyond job ads and look for a richer set of background data that includes benefits and employee reviews, among other specific traits about an employer. This means that employers should make information available to job candidates proactively, or they risk missing out on quality candidates applying."

The survey also found that methods of job hunting are changing. Roughly half of those surveyed said they preferred finding a relevant new job opportunity on an online job site, while 45% said their preferred source was to hear about a job from a friend, with 35% favoring the companies’ careers page.

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