Rise of the machine: ​How AI is beating humanity at its own game

Everything you need to know about AI's current state, how it is changing our lives, and what the future has in store


With the constant development of technology to adhere to the demanding modern life, nothing seems to be impossible nowadays. Smart devices are becoming smarter and able to present similar features as human beings – talking, planning, recognition, problem-solving and more. Addressed today as machine learning, the technology itself is more widely known as AI.

However, before AI can even prosper, many are arguing the possible destructive effects of the technology. One of main concerns about AI is that it will take away people's job for good. Will it be detrimental to humans? 

Experts say "give it a chance".

"By far, the greatest danger of AI is that people conclude too early that they understand it," says Eliezer Yudkowsky, American AI Researcher.

Here are the reasons why businesses and experts want AI to prosper:

1. Risk of error or inaccuracy is almost eliminated
2. AI can make logical decisions
3. It can enhance human capabilities and lighten laborious tasks
4. It has the ability to explore places that are inhospitable to humans
5. AI could speed up human development and discoveries
6. The technology can make our daily lives simpler

Just like any upcoming technologies, it is difficult to predict the potential of AI, despite experts' positive opinions about it. Business magnate Masayoshi Son did say that "If we misuse it, it will be risk. If we use it right, it can be our partner."

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This infographic will provide you with everything you need to know about AI's current state, how it is changing our lifestyle, and what the future holds for the technology.



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