Reducing Your Costs Through Sustainable Strategies

We take a look at some of the ways that companies can profit from sustainability in the short-term


Advocates of sustainable strategies often talk about their advantages within the context of the long-term. Although it would be untrue to say that companies aren't already seeing benefits from sustainability, it's the promise of the future that fills them with the most optimism.

There are however a number of advantages that can be achieved in the short-term and in this article we will take a look at what some of these are.

Tax Benefits

For British companies, the ECA scheme rewards companies which use energy saving equipment by handing them tax cuts.

It's been reported that the average company in the UK wastes about 20% of its energy on inefficient equipment, which not only increases costs, but inhibits them from profiting from ECA.

Although it's costly to implement energy savings systems, there are a number of organisations that offer financial support through loans, leases and hire to purchase equipment, so this shouldn't necessarily be seen as stumbling block.

Using Raw Materials More Effectively

Waste is costly and it's something that companies try and avoid at all costs. Not something that's easy to avoid, it requires a proactive approach that includes recycling and a reduction in packaging.

By implementing these procedures, organisations will find that their production processes are made more efficient whilst also promoting more long-term sustainable strategies that contribute towards reducing carbon-emissions and global warming.

The fact that companies see their costs increase when they have to remove waste will also ring large, meaning that this is a no brainer.

Increased Employee Motivation

Generally speaking, people prefer to work for companies that promote sustainability. Some may feel uncomfortable working for a company that has no regard for its actions and feel guilty in feeding its success.

Companies can remove this all together if they actively implement ethical strategies, allowing everybody to galvanise and work harder for the cause.

Due to this, it's possible that you might see efficiency rise and employment turnover reduce. This will increase productivity whilst also reducing recruitment costs.

Outlined above are just some of the ways that companies can profit from sustainability in the short-term. Although the long-term advantages remain great, a reduction in costs is not something that companies will want to shy away from.


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