Five foolproof SEO strategies to supercharge your webpage

SEO is a constantly changing art but content, age, and authority are the three pillars of trust that equate to the relevancy ranking of Google


Content, age, and authority are the three pillars of trust that equate to Google's elusive relevancy ranking. If you fail to provide these three, you'll likely flounder in the sea of stringent competition and eventually miss out the chance of bringing your site to visible waters.

Apart from these so-called pillars of trust, Google's search index also houses more than 200 ranking algorithms that also play critical roles in search engine optimization. Such factors also run an extensive spectrum, starting from recognizable up to vague.

For example, the amount of remaining time before a domain will expire is one of the ranking factors that you need to take heed. The reason being is that when a domain has a short registry, one year, for example, it's probably a fly-by-night-site. On the other hand, when a domain has a longer period of a registry, there's a high likelihood that it will last for an extended period of time too.

It may be true that the cue for relevance is quite small, but it only proves that Google's algorithms for ranking are obscure and unpredictable. Thus, to stay visible and relevant, take your cue from the strategies below to work your way towards ruling the SERP (search engine results pages) this year.

Market your content, wisely

When it comes to efficient strategies you can exhaust and utilize, content marketing is still the reigning king. This strategy's bread and butter are the quality contents that bring value for a site or business.

You must utilize anchor materials that live on a website. These materials are crucial for marketing contents on high-authority sites like Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, WiseLike and other destinations on the web that create high traffic.

If you want to nail a high rank in the results pages, you need to create keyword-specific and relevant contents on authority sites such as and

By any measure, content marketing is not a walk-in-the-park kind of venture. It takes serious time and effort. But, if executed properly, this SEO strategy is an excellent way to push anything in your list to the first page of SERPs.

Upgrade the loading speed of your page

The loading speed of a site plays a significant role in the overall experience of the user. Fast-loading pages bring credibility to your site and satisfaction to the users. On the flip side, slow-loading pages only degrade the user experience and bring frustration to the users' end.

Take heed, Google's priority has always been the user's overall experience. And, optimizing the speed of your page is one way to take that experience on a higher level. Fortunately, there are available tools you can use to get valuable insights on how to enhance your site's loading page. You can commission a web developer to optimize the loading speed of your website if you aren't tech-savvy.

Focus on AMP and mobile

2019 is the best year to continue mobilizing SEO. The stats of searches made on mobile devices now outranks desktop searches. It's not surprising as mobile devices are more portable and convenient than desktops.

Millennials nowadays prefer instant sharing and searching for information, be it on websites or social media platforms, which is only possible through mobile devices. As such, e-commerce moguls now engage more on mobile-first index right.

It's also important to have a responsive design for your site as there are still people who are behind the curve when it comes to using mobile devices. That being said, Google released its AMP (accelerated mobile pages) project to enhance the user experience on mobiles and also to guarantee that a website is ready for mobile devices.

Make your communication line open

Establishing an authority for your site doesn't happen overnight. It's a gradual process. It will take months, sometimes years, to earn authority. And, you can't do so, unless you go out, engage and socialize with others.

Good communication is also not just about continuously sharing contents with other people. You can't expect your site to rank right away and cheerlead your cause. You have to infuse some fun spin to conversations, follow others, and yes, socialize. Find out what your target audience does, what piques their curiosity, and what interests them to gain their interest back about you.

It's quite challenging to get visitors for your website, especially when you're just a newbie. In fact, making your contents rank at the outset is even more challenging. Your site is still at infancy, which means you also have little authority. Hence, you need to keep your line of communication open.

Take advantage of the power of video marketing

2019 or any other year for that matter, regardless of what year you're into right now, SEO strategies can always use a good reinforcement from video marketing.

You must create relevant and interesting videos to convey the messages of your articles. Make sure also to include keyword-rich but not keyword-stuffed descriptions. Make the most out of elements such as titles and tags to boost the keyword-centric appeal of the video contents.

Videos can bring any content to different heights due to the popularity of video platforms like YouTube. Making tutorial, informative, or entertaining videos are also helpful outlets to funnel genuine value to people in a multimedia format that is available to just about anyone with a smartphone.


Making a success out of SEO takes a lot of dedication and strategic planning. It's a difficult water to charter, particularly for the newcomers. But, if you have the right tools, data and digital arsenals the likelihood for you to outlast your competitors are high.

The trends for SEO can change in a heartbeat, and the worst part is, you might not even know it. Those hacks that earned your site a spot on the first-page result may be obsolete now and could even hurt the ranking of your website, especially if those hacks also earned you a penalty from Google that's difficult to shift.

That being said, you need to keep the ball in SEO rolling. Otherwise, you'll see your competitors zooming past in the SERPs while you're falling behind.

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