Hiring a Wordpress developer: Questions you need to ask

Questions that render a helping hand for hiring dedicated WordPress Developer


Approximately 23.5% of websites are WordPress based, and has won the hearts of people all over the world with its features and functionalities. This has resulted in more and more people creating their websites on WordPress.

The web owners are well aware of the fact that creating a WordPress website is easy – as it does not need any complicated coding. However, it can be really daunting when the resources and support do not fit your business requirements, this is where you might need to hire dedicated WordPress developer.

Hiring a dedicated developer can apply devotion in their task, they don’t just do it for the sake of doing it and can even ensure completion on time rendering best quality service. But, with many developers out there, you might face difficulty as to which company or developer to choose.

In order to help you make the right choice, there are certain questions you must answer before you hire a WordPress developer. The questions below can make it easy in making the right decision.

How many years have you worked in providing WordPress development solutions?

As the old adage goes “Experience is the greatest teacher”. Moreover, experience matters a lot in this domain. So, while you acquire services from a WordPress development company, you must inquire about their overall experience in the said field. Years of experience will differ and you may opt to check their skills in the field and make a decision depending on your business requirements.

Do you create website based on responsiveness features?

This question is an unavoidable one, if your website is not responsive, there will an increasing number of people leaving your website. Google reports that 82% of people stay on websites that are responsive than the normal websites. So, you will need to get assurance from the developer in their confidence for creating a responsive website.

How will you make a website that is SEO friendly?

We are well aware about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for web owners. Search engine keywords help people to locate one’s website easily thereby bringing visitors. WordPress comprises of reliable SEO features. Therefore, before you acquire services from a WordPress development company, ask them about the tactic they will apply to make your WordPress website more lucrative and adhere to SEO rankings.

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What plugins will you add to my WordPress website?

WordPress is a big community and has an extensive library of plugins and features to offer developers. It is crucial to add certain plugins as they can add value and functionality to the website. So, before you decide to hire a developer, you should inquire about what plugins they will affix to your WordPress website to ensure relevancy to your business requirements.

Will You provide maintenance and support and update my WordPress website and how?

When the website is live you may witness issues such as: maintenance, support and up gradation and some companies may try to ignore the issue at hand. However hiring a dedicated WordPress developer you can question them about future services and ongoing support.

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