Quantity vs Quality: What Type Of Content Should You Be Producing For Your Business?

What Type of Content Should You Be Producing for Your Business?


It’s a marketing tale as old as time, a fiery debate that rages on, and a unity that embodies some of the most effective strategies out there – because, let’s face it, quality without quantity, and vice versa, cannot do too much in the ever-growing contentsphere.

From blogs, useful infographics, how-to videos, social media posts and images, to press releases, interviews and everything in between, take your pick, it’s exploding in numbers as we speak, and a vast majority will fall into the massive black hole of the Internet, while a designated few will leave a meaningful trace that can translate into success and profit.

However, since there are so many varieties of innovative content a brand can produce in the aim to engage their audience (and preferably see some conversion rates jump), achieving the right balance of diversity, quality and quantity will ultimately be your ticket to the top.

Educate your audience on a regular basis

Goal-driven content is the kind that will not only build you a strong reputation in your niche, but also invite a greater number of potential customers to trust your judgment. When you know your target audience and know their troubles, and provide them with the knowledge, skills and tools they can use to solve them, you give them value even before they decide to try your product or service.

According to this HubSpot summary, 47% of buyers will take a look at three to five content pieces before contacting your sales representative – talk about incentive to make your content worth their while. And since we mentioned HubSpot, they are the poster boys and gals of “more is more”, as their multiple daily posts (35 blog posts alone per day, for example) offer authoritative, insightful, well-designed content, and abundantly so. That simply means that if you have the expertise and the head count, you can also dominate your niche both with quality and with quantity.

With the changing trends, new research emerging, and new opportunities to show off your expertise, you can take advantage of the climate and serve a new, updated or simply better solution to an existing problem. It doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel, but putting things into a perspective that best suits your customer base.

Every time you create a piece of content that introduces a new point of view on a trending topic, new pieces of information based on your own in-house research, or an analysis of existing studies that brings new insight – you also increase the shareability of that particular piece, which in practical, marketing terms means content that earns backlinks, more reliability, greater visibility and relevance.

Giving your content a fun twist

If you run a plumbing service, or sell toilet paper for a living, you’re probably thinking: how on earth am I supposed to: A – have something to write about on a regular enough basis to stay in the “quantity” game, and B – make it interesting to begin with?

We know for a fact that people go online to be entertained, even when they are looking to fix a serious issue. We are creatures of curiosity, we like our imagination tickled and our mind boggled, and most of all, we love surprises. Just like a joke is memorable because of an unexpected (and funny) turn of events, a website, a brand, a piece of content for that matter can be made more interesting and engaging if it elicits a smile, or even better, a full-blown laugh, and a spark in our eye.

Perhaps a software-selling agency would do better using an image-rich infographic instead of a standard blog post, while an article will be received better if it has a few fun memes and quotes here and there. And yes, it’s possible to add those even in a text about the stock market, and craft fun posts on plumbing. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy article each and every time, but using diversity to cover the quantity holes helps bridge the gap between amount and value.

It depends on your audience, your brand image and your own imagination – why not use the most of what you have available, because fun, genuine content is much more shareable and contagious than your ordinary information-listing piece of content. Hence a single Facebook cat post can sometimes make more “convertible” noises than a whole slew of blogs. Your customers might search for your branch of work out of necessity, or even emergency, but the part of the reason they will be glad to come back is because you’re memorable, fun and you have a unique approach.

However, you need to find your own angle, and play with it. Because not everyone can pull off a quirky sense of humor, or deliver dozens of inspiringly illustrated infographics every month. You need to give your business more than one way to stand out. If you started with educational, practical content, then you can shape it into something more fun, more engaging, through variety of content, a fun twist, interactive content, plenty of visual stimuli such as unique memes, GIFs and images, whatever works for you and your target audience.

Are you staying relevant?

Once upon a time, although not too long ago in the fickle marketing world, link-building and link-baiting were the go-to tactics for most, if not all marketers around. And yes, they are still used very effectively, although in adapted circumstances, since the SEO climate has changed to the benefit of link-earning. This fine art helps true experts, genuine influencers and real value stand out, and that is what makes it so profoundly powerful today.

With social media being the review playground, your brand can be berated or endorsed, and personal recommendations are this era’s loudest commercials. So, when a piece of content that is relevant to your target audience and simultaneously presents your unparalleled know-how in a gripping manner, you are likely to be shared high and low online, because your content is not time-bound like trending topics, or limited in scope and worth, but offers insight that others, sometimes even your competitors, will be happy to share.

And don’t forget that the online world is rapidly changing to embrace the rise of AI and similar technological advancements, and although we’ve always been deeply visual creatures, we are now, more than ever, captivated by visual content – marketers need to keep up with the new pace of the world.

These numbers and examples only go to show how every business, no matter how different in essence, can benefit from listening in on the fluctuating trends of the world, and the changing desires of your designated customer. With relevant content (sources, types and amounts alike) as the backbone of your marketing, you will become a recognized, remembered voice, despite the overwhelming and the ever-growing noise on the Internet. 


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