Push Your Business: Get A New Workplace

New office design can have a significant impact on company performance


Every business is on the hunt for innovation, hoping beyond hope that your competition don’t happen upon the latest industry innovation before you do. You’ll harangue your PR team, push your staff to their limits and Google 'how to find success in your enterprise' in your every spare moment.

But hitting a goldmine isn’t a case of hoping for the best. While you’re on the prowl for profits you’ll need something that can keep staff morale at a high – and one of your prime weapons could be a fantastically designed workplace.

If your premises has a sense of style of its own, you’ll enjoy:

  • A stronger brand identity
  • Higher morale in your workforce
  • Greater engagement from your clients
  • More effective PR

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? If you want to make your office look as though it’s got a style all of its own, here’s what you need to do.

Washroom perfection

Anyone can identify a poorly maintained washroom. They infect the mind like E coli infecting your hands. Brown toilet water, gunk around the sink and a hand dryer that wheezes a whimper of wind at your hands – these are the hallmarks of a frightful washroom.

A poor washroom isn’t only an aesthetic nightmare. With a rubbish toilet and sink comes an increase in absences due to germ-related sickness. Conversely, a washroom that gleams will spread fewer germs, causing fewer easily preventable sick days.

Get in touch with a washroom services company that knows how to implement a high-quality facility with minimal fuss, giving you the best hygiene options.

Decide your brand identity

So many businesses potter around aimlessly, unable to get a strong foothold on their actual aims. With the sole aim of many entrepreneurs being the accumulation of profit, finding an aim which helps customers is something of a tricky proposition for many companies.

Don’t fall into the same trap. Figure out the preferred colours of your company and plaster them all over your office. With this consistency between your brand and your work premises, visiting clients will feel as though they’re a part of a more cohesive company.

Keep it open

When you’re boxed inside a dull cubicle, your mind feels like it’s being constricted, the lack of sunlight and conversation eating away at you as though you were being trapped in a darkened room for eight hours of your day.

Open plan is the way to go if you want to feel as though you’ve got some freedom. You’ll feel freer creatively and be able to push your business further forward.

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