Pre & Post Customer Engagement In The Age Of Connectivity

1 Customer, 2 Wireless Providers & Twitter


For anyone that has ever tried to make a switch between two different technologies or providers, the struggle of annoyance and aggravation won’t be unfamiliar. Several years ago I made the switch from Apple to Android. I use more data that I care to admit- on a regular basis. I did what most consumers do - scoured providers based on their needs, googled and found ridiculous amounts of blogs and reports on who was better and why. Asked friends, family, and colleagues. After my search, I found what I thought to be a reasonable option that could accommodate my data indulgences.

In this age of the Internet of Things and our connected networks and devices- more consumers are turning to Twitter in fits of annoyance to scream out in 140 characters or less, their frustration with a product or service. This weekend- I had my mind made up- I was switching wireless providers. For a variety of reasons, I did research and was going to make a switch strictly on my data usage. I had attempted going into a store which was a disaster and thought I would do it from the convenience of my home.

Of course, I issued a Tweet- and what surprised me was the responses that followed. Sprint responded right away and within a few minutes Verizon issued a response. I’ve attached the screenshots below – because it shows the power of a few key themes any company needs in this day and age to be competitive.

  • Pre-Customer Engagement - Interaction at the time when a customer is looking is critical. Making sure your customers or potential customers have the ability to communicate and effectively purchase your product, service, or offering is essential.
  • Post-Customer Engagement - What you’ll note from the messaging in the tweets is simple – Verizon jumped in to offer assistance. Both were quick on the draw.
  • Responsiveness affects a purchase - Both companies were quick to respond and offer assistance within minutes. I expected perhaps same day responses and their ability to respond in a timely manner both surprised me and made me pause and reconsider my position.
  • Hybrid Strategy is Key- In order to survive, companies must have multiple portals to engage with clients. Those that include this in their planning will do well. Those that neglect to address any social strategy will suffer.

The bottom line, I haven't made a decision yet. But I am now reconsidering based on the series of events this weekend. I had the opportunity to see a presentation a few months back gives great insight into what a Social Media Hybrid Marketing Strategy looks like.

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