Platform aims to ease entry for startups into China

TechCode officially launches its Global Unicorn Center which will aim to help growth-stage startups make their mark on the Chinese market


A new acceleration service platform has been launched in China which will attempt to support startups along the journey of entering the Chinese market to successfully going public in the country.

The Global Unicorn Center, an acceleration service platform built by TechCode, was launched at an international trade fair in Langfang, Hebei Province, China. It will attempt to help startups to explore new markets, access investment and financing, obtain government subsidies and meet potential clients.

Global innovation service operator TechCode, which has built a series of regional innovation service networks in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Wuhan, will attempt to utilize its experiences in the country to help overseas startups engage with Chinese corporates and investors.

"In order to rapidly increase business growth and meet the conditions for going public, startups that intend to get listed on the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Board in the next one to three years, need not only capital fund but also a variety of services in many aspects," explained TechCode global CEO Luke Tang.

"Therefore, Global Unicorn Center is born at the right moment," he added. "We're targeting those startups to provide them with services, such as, engaging with major corporate clients attracting strategic and financial investors, recruiting talents and obtaining policy supports."

TechCode brought more than 30 overseas innovative startups to China on its first active day at the government-supported event in Langfang including businesses from Germany, Israel and South Korea involved in advanced technologies such as intelligent manufacturing, AI, big data analysis and new energy.

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