Personalising Customer Choice

How important are cookies in personalising what consumers see on websites


Personalisation is quickly becoming the cornerstone of a successful business. In 2013, it was reported that 94% of companies deemed personalisation to be critical to their future success, with the main drivers being improved customer experience and improved business performance.

An excellent example of personalisation was seen in August 2012 when EasyJet used Sitecore's Content Management system to drive sales through a dynamic interface that gave each an every customer a unique look at the website. Throughout its 19 regional websites, it segmented users based on their location and previous browsing history, targeting specific flights at users who have bought similar tickets before.

The thought of having a website tailored to your needs is not something that sits well with a lot of people. Sure, it means that everything is more convenient, but how do these companies know what we want and how can they be so accurate time and time again?

It seems as if Cookies hold the answer.

Every once in a while when entering a website you'll be greeted with a pop up that asks about your cookie preference. If you opt out of cookies you won't get that personalised approach, but you might feel safer in the fact that the website that you've only visited a handful of times knows nothing about you.

For the majority of us, giving up some of our privacy is necessary evil if it means we get a personalised approach that produces better offers. Although it is common knowledge that cookies make browsing easier, at the same time, they do make your location and browsing history public knowledge, which on the face of it, is not good.

If companies can continue to make profits through personalisation however and our user experience improves, it's unlikely that we're going to see personalisation decrease and cookies will unquestionably play a major role in this.


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