PBSC Urban Solutions rollout massive bike sharing solution across South America

PBSC Urban Solutions plan to deploy 4,000 bikes in Buenos Aires and 3,850 bikes in Santiago, installing a total of 750 solar powered "smart stations" across both cities by 2019


PBSC Urban Solutions, a sustainable mobility technology company, has announced it is bringing its bike sharing solutions to two more South American cities. These are Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile, the second and sixth most populous cities in South America respectively.

These two cities join the ranks of the six Brazilian cities – São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Salvador, Porto Alegre and Vila Velha – where PBSC Solutions has already deployed bikes and other urban mobility solutions in the last year alone. With 8,000 bikes already active across Brazil, this move will bring the total number of PBSC bikes in South America up to 16,000.

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The rollout, which has been orchestrated in conjunction with Tembici, the largest bike sharing operators in South America, will see 4,000 ICONIC Bikes being deployed and distributed across 400 solar-powered stations in Buenos Aires and 3,850 FIT bikes (a lighter version of the ICONIC Bike) across 350 solar power stations in Santiago.

Commenting on the announcement, Luc Sabbatini, the CEO of PBSC Urban Solutions said: "It is very exciting to see these world-class cities responding to our urban mobility solution. It is clear that there is a demand for our technology, and we are happy to be able to provide South Americans with the best-in-class bike share system they deserve.

"We feel that with this latest chapter in an era of rapid growth for PBSC, we are truly moving in the right direction, as a company as well as a social movement, to get people of all ages and walks of life highly enthusiastic about bike sharing and alternative modes of transportation," he added.

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