Oracle-powered tennis rating system has partnered with Team8

Universal Tennis Rating and Team8 partnership aims to improve management of tennis athletes and enhance the industry


Oracle-powered Universal Tennis Rating (UTR), a global tennis rating system, has announced its strategic investment and partnership with Team8, a sports and entertainment company owned by tennis experts Rodger Federer, Tony Godsick, Dirk Ziff and Ian McKinnon.

UTR's partnership with Team8 aims to improve management of its athletes and enhance the overall tennis sport industry.

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Tony Godsick, CEO and president at Team8, said, "Universal Tennis has a compelling product, plan and vision to provide innovative solutions to improve tennis for all players and those involved in the business of tennis.

"Our entire team looks forward to collaborating with UTR and innovating in numerous ways to improve the tennis experience for players, coaches, organizers, manufacturers and sponsors and grow the game we all love."

UTR was launched in the US in 2008 by tennis player Dave Howell and is a global algorithm-based rating system from 1-16 reflecting players skill level, based on competition and recent scores and matches. In February of this year the company partnered with Oracle to utilize its cloud technology to enhance its rating system


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