Open-source innovation group welcomes 43 new members

Volkswagen AG, HSBC and Stanford University are among the newest members of The Linux Foundation


Nonprofit organization The Linux Foundation has added 38 Silver members and five Associate members to its ranks, as it continues its drive to support growth, sustainability and innovation of open-source projects.

The foundation, which provides an update of new members each month, hosts open-source projects across a number of technologies including networking, security, cloud and blockchain, with its collaborative development model helping to advance technology that would benefit individuals and organizations across the planet.

Among the new companies joining the organization as Silver members were Europe carmaker giant Volkswagen AG, banking institution HSBC, technology company Quant Network, developer acceleration platform 8base and modular robot solutions provider Acutronic Robotics.

Its five new associate members, which are comprised of government agencies and not-for-profit organizations, were Energy Foundation, ENTSO-E, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Kodi Foundation and world-renowned education and research technology institution Stanford University.

The Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin remarked: "Successful large-scale, global open-source communities require dedicated resources, support and infrastructure, so it's incredibly exciting to see 43 more organizations increase their commitment to open source."

With the support of the foundation, the new members will help to drive development of shared open-source technologies such as Hyperledger, Kubernetes, Linux, Node.js and ONAP, while also accelerating their own innovation through open-source leadership.

"We look forward to working with our new members to better support the developers who build, secure, and maintain the open-source systems we rely on every day," Zemlin concluded. raises  37m to put automation in 'the hands of all' small

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