Omron launches smartwatch to monitor blood pressure

Omron's new digital offerings, unveiled at CES, aims to provide a more comprehensive overview of the user's heart wellbeing


Japanese health tech company Omron has launched a blood pressure watch, HeartGuide, unveiled at CES, with the intention to reduce stroke risk and provide a more comprehensive overview of the user's heart wellbeing.

HeartGuide is FDA-recognized and uses an inflatable cuff within the smartwatch to measure and record the users blood pressure which, according to Omron, is "a key differentiator that sets this device apart from other wearables that rely on sensor technology, which only provide blood pressure estimates".

Omron Healthcare President and CEO Ranndy Kellogg, said: "There are 103 million hypertensive Americans and, this year, Omron Healthcare will offer a range of devices tailored to serve every one of them,"

"More than 80% of heart attacks and strokes are preventable with lifestyle changes. It all begins with regular blood pressure monitoring and achieving better insights into your heart health," Kellogg added.

With the development of HeartGuide, Omron aims to provide users with an overall view of the user's health with capabilities to track activity levels and monitor sleep activity. Additionally, the new device also acts as a normal smartwatch which users can use to send emails, texts and receive calls.

The device can hold up to 100 readings and works in conjunction with its mobile app, HeartAdvisor launched together with the smartwatch.

Along with HeartGuide, the company also introduced Complete at CES, a blood pressure monitor with EKG capability. The devices are part of Omron's mission Going for Zero, introduced in 2016, that aims to eliminate the occurrence of heart attack and stroke by leveraging the latest technologies, public education and positive behavior change.

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